Rainy Days


“I used a technique of Collage-Montage to create these paintings by creating ’tiles’ using original images from some of my studies in Oil Paint on Canvas created between 1970 & 1980. Each print has 24 carat gold leaf applied by hand to some of the ’tiles’. The gold ’tiles’ signify those memories that are not visual and the gaps between ’tiles’ represent lost memories.

My intention is to demonstrate how precarious and open to interpretation are our recalled memories.  They often trigger emotions through what may appear to be random links within the brain. The ‘plasticity’ of the brain works to our advantage allowing for flexibility and changeability. Our memories are much more like a patchwork quilt than a well edited film or book of our precious story.”

1 from a series of 6 paintings.

Frame not included.

Size: 500 mm x 500 mm (including the light ‘grey’ border). Prints posted flat unframed between cardboard packaging.


These prints are produced using the Giclée method of digital printing with UV stable pigment inks. They are printed on fine art paper.  This natural white, warm-toned paper, guarantees a high colour density combined with maximum age resistance.

Every effort is made, in the printing process, to reproduce the true and fine qualities of the original artwork. However, viewing artworks on differing computer screens will vary.